Ližnjan Tourist Board and Archaeological Museum of Istria,  under the auspices of the Municipality of  Ližnjan, organize the cycles of cultural heritage sightseeing in the area of the Municipality Ližnjan entitled “Ližnjan time machine“ aimed at introducing  the local population, private accommodation owners and guests to extremely rich and interesting sites.
The first sightseeing cycle starts on Saturday, March 25th. Meeting point is the archaeological park of Nesactium in Valtura where sightseeing will take place under the professional guidance of Kristina Mihovilić who will evoke historical facts related to the city of the Histri to those present.
Time machine continues on Saturday, April 1st, as we proceed with the period of Antiquity, after the fall of the Histri. This is an opportunity to find out how people lived in this area and get introduced to the treasures hidden in the Church of Our Lady of Kuj, built on the foundations of a villa rustica. Under the professional guidance of Željko Ujčić,  those present will find out more about the period which left a rich heritage in this area.
This year's final cycle is dedicated to the fortification of Svetica. On Saturday, April 8th,  Zlatko Devedžić of the  NAF (National Association of Fortifications, Pula), known as the Bunkerman, will introduce all the interested persons to the area of Svetica, a mighty battery,  the construction of which began in the early 20th  century. The visitors will have the opportunity to see a large wooden hangar which was modelled after the American structures of such type and is particular due to its design which imitates the honeycomb. What certainly draws the greatest attention is the underground fortification from the Cold War era which will be visited as part of the  Ližnjan time machine.
After sightseeing, open days of Associations operating in the area of Svetica will be held at Svetica.
The sightseeing under professional guidance starts by gathering at the site at 10:00 a.m.
Organized by: Archaeological Museum of Istria  and Ližnjan Tourist Board
Sponsored by: the Municipality of  Ližnjan


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