A favorite local festival this year comes in an even richer edition!
Prepare yourself for a sport-entertaining-educational-gastro-music program where we celebrate all that good from the blue sea depths! The feast dedicated to the sea and fishermen this year will be held in Ližnjan!

11.00 am We will go sports with another sailing regatta “LIŽNJANKA” which is also awarded this year for the Argonaut Cup!

18.00 o'clock At the indispensable Brodet Cup, new culinary talents will be discovered and the portion of brodet will be shared FREE!

On the workshops will be places for young and old, and you will learn something new about the Adriatic!

Klapa Rišpet, Funbox band, Redicoll band and dj will provide the best entertainment

Don't miss the traditional Fisherman's Night and Brodet cup in Liznjan! 


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