Kala cove conceals the same-named beach that boaters frequently visit.

The beach is made up of larger shingle, but it is slightly inaccessible from the coast. Thanks to this it is ideal for boaters, who love the peace and having a good time in the shallows. Traditionally it is the port of Šišana where local fishermen have their boats. The sea is calm, clean and pleasantly warm. Those who want a little refreshment on hot days can bathe in the part of Kala in which is a source of fresh water called Fontana. There is also a place to eat on the beach which you can visit when the sun gets too hot. You can also visit the beach in Kala cove from the land. Those who don’t like the crowds, will certainly come here and enjoy the summer sun. If you are looking for peace and quiet, come and visit this beautiful beach in Šišan.



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