“The karst hill of San Daniele (popularly called Šandalja) is located 4 kilometres northeast of the centre of Pula.

In May 1961, at the foot of the hill, during blasting in the quarry, a system of caves was discovered including several fossil caves and cavities (Šandalja I and Šandalja II). One of the most significant Palaeolithic discoveries in Šandalja is the so-called chisel, made of flint, which could date back to the period when the oldest tools from various European sites were found and represent the oldest trace of human activity on Croatian soil.”

Source: Čuka, M. and Komšo, D. (2015): Šandalja - San Daniele, od samih početaka do danas (Šandalja: San Daniele, From the Very Beginnings until Today), Archaeological Museum of Istria, Pula


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