The Register of Cultural Goods, in addition to the Nesactium Archaeological Park, includes the hydro-archaeological site entitled the Remains of Three Shipwrecks near Cape Uljeva.

These are the only two cultural goods entered in the Register of Cultural Goods. “The most noticeable shipwreck is Uljeva A, due to numerous preserved remains of large early Roman amphorae. The shipwreck Uljeva B lies almost two hundred metres away, it can be noticed only by small fragments of red amphorae and ceramics in the rocks. The modern shipwreck Uljeva C is recognizable by numerous bricks scattered on the seabed, while Uljeva D, some three hundred metres away, boasts numerous tegulas on the seabed.”

Source: Bekić, L. (2015): Brodolomi kod rta Uljeva blizu Ližnjana (Shipwrecks at Cape Uljeva near Ližnjan), Archaeologia Adriatica, 9 (1)


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