Saint Stephen, (It. San Stefano), the remains of an ancient coastal site can be found north of Kala Cove.

It is a partially preserved rustic villa with a cistern. On the ruins of the Roman building, an early medieval settlement with a small church was built, which has not been preserved. What is interesting is that the church service was conducted there until the last century, and the community kept an oil lamp burning night and day as a symbol of faith and a benevolent sign to ships. There is a Šišan folk song that is based on this fact:

Anche a Sissano
gavemo 'l faro
che ne fa ciaro
che paga 'l comun

(Even here in Šišan
we have a lighthouse
which gives light
the commune is paying for it)

Source: Ližnjanski zbornik (Ližnjan's Chronicle) and


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