25.07.2022, 10.00 In front of the Tourist Board Office; Krasa 7, Ližnjan

Explore Ližnjan, Muntić, Šišan and Nesactium with free expert guided tours in English, Italian and Croatian.

A walk through Ližnjan starts every Monday at 10 am. You will find out all the interesting details about the Church of Our Lady of Mercy, built in 1704, and learn about the history of Ližnjan and what Munat means for the people of Ližnjan. You will discover the location of the first Croatian reading room in Ližnjan, followed by a tour of the Parish Church of St. Martin.


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Tourist office

Ližnjan Tourist Board

Krasa 7
52204 Ližnjan
Tel: +385 52 578 426

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