11.11.2021. Tavern Stari ribar

Sour cabbage - žbruvada and fuži with stew are the dishes that will be enjoyed in almost every Ližnjan home this Thursday.

For those who can't find the time to make a traditional lunch, Ližnjan's tavern Stari ribar (Old Fisherman) has prepared a special promotion for the Feast of St. Martin, the patron saint of Ližnjan.

On 11 November 2021 from 12 to 7 pm there are two (2) menus on offer. The price of a menu per person is HRK 35.00.

1) Sausages and cabbage, Kroštule (sweet pastry knots) and 1 dl wine

2) Fuži with baby beef stew, Kroštule (sweet pastry knots) and 1 dl wine

For those who want tradition on their table, here's a recipe for a "cake" which is actually a special type of bread made only for the Feast of St. Martin or for weddings. The special feature of the cake is its round shape and decorations on the top. The joined ends are incised one over the other with a key. The cake is not sliced with a knife but broken with hands.

The recipe is as follows: mix the ingredients, a little fat or oil, flour, water, yeast, lemon zest, or a little vanilla sugar. Knead harder than bread, shape it and place in the oven.

Enjoy and cheers!


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