Very interesting cycling routes wind their way all along the coast of Ližnjan. Whether macadam or forest paths, these bike trails are a good reason to visit this area at any time of year.

In the area of ​​the Municipality of Ližnjan there are almost 70 km of marked bike trails and promenades. While riding or walking along these trails, visitors can discover the natural and cultural heritage that needs to be preserved through caring for the environment. The natural beauties follow one after another, so that visitors can feast their eyes on one of the largest and best-preserved holm oak forests in the Mediterranean, enjoy dry eumediterranean pastures and grasslands full of aromatic herbs such as immortelle, sage and broom. The relaxing beauty of nature is intertwined with numerous traces of the past, which makes the ride even more interesting.                                                                

In order to assist cyclists with their technical difficulties, there are two self-service bike repair stands in front of the school in Ližnjan, where a board with marked bike trails has been put up, as well as on Monte Madonna (Svetica) hill in Šišan. The stands provide all the necessary tools for repairing, changing and inflating tires and can be used free of charge.                                      

Recommendation for cyclists: A particularly interesting part of the bike trail is 333, which runs east from Ušićevi Dvori, down to the sea and continues along the coast to Marlera.

Rent a Bike: B.R.B. Sport, Šišan

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