Ližnjan is a small fishing village with a natural protected harbour situated on a small peninsula on the very south of Istria. The place has a magnificent view of crystal clear sea and the Kvarner islands of extraordinary beauty.

There are around 28 km of beautiful unspoiled beaches, which are mostly rocky.

The picturesque harbour will tell you that you are in a place that since ancient times has relied on underwater life. The underwater along the Marlera coast and partly the area of Kuje Bay will unveil one of the last flourishing meadows of sea grass or Voga. Aside from the common inhabitants of the Adriatic Sea, the Ližnjan underwater is home to a sunk italian cruiser ”Cesare Rossol”, which attracts numerous divers. The light scout cruiser, which sunk on 16 November 1918 after it had hit a mine, is 85 m long and 8 m wide. Also, in the Ližnjan underwater you can discover antique ships sunk in the midst of a storm. This hidden place of natural beauty, clean sea and indented coast will enchant every traveller by the beauty of rocks and pebbles.

A characteristic feature of the fauna is the bird bee-eater, an endemic protected species which inhabits its natural habitat on the island of Marlera in the summer.

The history of this small vilage is really fascinating as there are archeological sites proving the existence of the village for more than 7000 years, the ruins of Roman villas, pieces of amphorae  and old shipwrecks that are still in the underwater. It is an ideal place for nature lovers and those who love to relax but at the same to time remain close to the entertainment events of a tourist centre.

The locals have been involved in tourism but also in fishing as they were a thousand years ago. The undiscovered gem situated opposite its shores is the island Levan with a stunning sandy beach and some catering places, an ideal spot for those thriving for adventure and a different marine experience.

As to historical sights, pay a visit to a small church  Lady of Kuj ( from the 17th century, built on the site of a former Roman villa) and the church Saint Martin ( from 1879, situated in the old part of Ližnjan, a three-aisle church built in Neo-Romanesque style). During the summer, Ližnjan boasts plenty of festivites among which the most famous are the traditional folk festivities ”Ližnjan night”, ”Fishermen's night and Brodet cup” as well as  the Assumption day ”Holly”- a folk festivity with music and gastronomic specialities. While in Ližnjan, do not miss to visit many more festivities and fairs as well as some bigger tourist destinations in the immediate vicinity, like Pula, Poreč and Rovinj.

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