Muntić ( Italian Monticchio ) a settlement between Valtura and Loborika on the hill which dominates the southern part of the Pula area, 406 inhabitants (2011.). The population is mosty employed in the nearby Pula. 

The hillforth in the surrounding area indicates that the area has been inhabited since the prehistoric times, wheras Roman country villas in Radeki, at Stancija Wasserman prove its existence in ancient times.

The historical sources indicate that the settlement was called Rumianum in the Middle Ages, while in the tenth century it was a feudal estate that belonged to the Bishop of Pula, to be later ceded to the Patriarch of Aquileia.

Due to the plague and wars,  most of the surrounding villages in the southern Pula area as well as this area, Rumian, were deserted in the 16th century . The place was owned by Girolamo Barbarigo in the 16th century, but Venetian rulers inhabited  the settlement with refugees from Dalmatia in several waves (1530, 1579, 1583, 1588).

The new settlement received the name Muntić, while in historical sources even in 1702 it was called Rumiani sive Montecchi.

The single-nave parish church of St. Jerome  has an elegant bell-cot on the facade, while the sacred building was mentioned in the late 16th century although it may be even older.  The bell dates back to 1396. Inside the church there is a Gothic vaulted ceiling, a valuable statue of the Madonna and the painting of A. Samassa of the Madonna with Saints  (1827).

(Source:, text written by Antonio Giudici)

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