A small Holy Trinity Church was built at the time when Šišan was a rich and important place.

The church is a single-nave, which means its interior is not divided by columns or walls.

The keystone displays the relief of the Crucifix with Virgin Mary and Saint John the Evangelist at the base. The church was probably completely painted.

Master builders constructed the church with evenly chiseled stones and panels with delicate reliefs of crosses. One stone displays a medaillon with a carved cross and two tiny trees- an old Christian symbol of Christ (cross) and paradise (trees displayed under the crossbar of the cross). In the 16th century there was a  nice wooden crucifix of  Jesus, which is today in the parish church.

The priest held the mass in the square-plan apse, which has its own pointed vaulting, on the altar, whose base consists of split pieces of an antique coffin. This is not rare- the altars in Istria have very often inserted fragments of antique sculptures. It symbolises the victory of Christianity over paganism.

In the 17th century Holy Trinity Church was maintained by the Confraternity of Flagellants. Their followers whipped themselves until blood flowed to experience the Christ’s suffering and to atone for their sins. Flagellants were priests or ordinary worshippers.They would whip themselves in local processings, every Sunday or in religious festivities, when they would display acts of public flagellation. At first, flagellants were condemned as heretical, but were later supported by some church groups so they were present in Italy and some Austrian countries until the end of the 19th century.

Today, above the apse there is an empty space decorated with newer sculptures, but the church is supposed to have had a decorated ceiling not an open one as it is today. In the last reconstruction the church was heightened. At the same time the last piece of wall painting in the church was whitened- a dedicated cross with a glagolitic inscription.

mr. sc. Sunčica Mustač


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