The single-nave parish church of St. Felix and Fortunato was built in 1528 on the site of an older church.

It preserves valuable inventory: the Gothic Virgin Mary with Child, from the end of the 15th century, the work of the so-called Master of the Labin Madonna, a Baroque marble main altar with statues of patron saints, a wooden gilded sanctuary with painted doors, the Virgin with the Child (from around 1480) from the ruined Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Svetica hill southeast of Šišan, a late Gothic wooden crucifix from the Church of St. Trinity (16th century) and a sarcophagus with the relics of St. Lawrence. The bell tower in front of the church was renovated in 1659. The Church of Sv. Trinity from 1450 is single-nave with an inscribed apse. It has a consecrated cross with a Glagolitic grafitti inscription.

Source: R. Matijašić, Ageri antičkih kolonija Pola–Parentium (Agers of Ancient Colonies Pola – Parentium), Zagreb 1988; Ž. Ujčić, Prvi tragovi kršćanstva u Ližnjanu (First Traces of Christianity in Ližnjan), Ližnjanski zbornik (Ližnjan's Chronicle), Acta 3, Pazin 1997; V. Ekl, Gotičko kiparstvo u Istri, (Gothic Sculpture in Istria), Zagreb 1982


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